How To Succeed In Fashion: Be Nice |

Whatever impressions you may harbour about the fashion industry (perhaps from The Devil Wears Prada, say?), they are not all entirely true, at least not if you ask Fern Mallis, who as creator of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), says those are the two things she tells anyone she mentors. Like some of the most accomplished people in the fashion industry, Mallis name may not immediately register. But her credentials are whats helped make New York the fashion haven it is now which was not always the case. When she founded what is now known as NYFW in 1993, fashion was a rather private club and not necessarily the economic or creative powerhouse it is today. Related Links Designers hail Fashion Forward Today, shes in Dubai, watching as another fledgling fashion week takes off: Fashion Forward, which is now in its third season, after launching in April 2013. They have resource to be in it for the right reasons.

Fashion break: ‘Noles unveils new unis, spectacular alternate helmet | CollegeFootballTalk

Five, 10, 20? Designers know they have to make the appeal of their collections shine through digital platforms now, which is starting to come through in the clothes. Alexander Wang, for example, told the Times, The way that we shoot it, the way that we showcase it and the way that we make the clothes and design them changed. Take his Fall 2014 show, for example. The finale featured models on a rotating platform getting blasted with various heat levels to make the heat-sensitive clothing change colorsa moment seemingly created with Instagram in mind. But for all its important information-sharing purposes, Instagram does prevent some issues to designers as well.

Almost every fan hates the new one. Chief Walmart Elvis etc. The admin rebranding right after a huge success is an absolute critical error. However the uniforms do look quite amazing. The admin at FSU are trying to hide the huge logo error behind the new uniforms.


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