Fashion Police: Zest Of Lemons | Boston Herald

Unlike some of my seatmates at the shows, my face isnt numb from Botox binging, and I can still express joy or horror at whatever comes schlepping down the runway. But I need to work on the degrees of my enthusiasm, or risk another life-threatening incident. You see, last year, an absolutely divine evening gown wafted down the catwalk it had everything chiffon, feathers, a few subtle beads. I let out such a huge gasp of enchantment that I inhaled several feathers and half a sleeve. I stood up and flailed for help, but people thought I was starting a standing ovation. I came to in the hospital, wearing a very un-chic johnny.

Fashion portrait of Rynshu: ‘A fashion faux pas? Wearing multiple luxury brands at once’ – Yahoo News

If you were a fashion faux pas, which one would you be? Someone who wears multiple luxury brands at once. In Japan we call these people “Chindon ya.” The word usually refers to the traditional street musicians who play to promote certain products or shops. It is also used in a satirical sense. If you were a supermodel wearing your designs? Mr. Aaron Walton, who is also CEO of the American company Walton Isaacson.

Elle magazine asks fashion designer named Elle to drop name: suit | New York Post

The fashion and beauty mag is trying to control the manner in which Elle Sasson, 27, uses her own natural name and brand Elle Sasson in the fashion marketplace, according to the Manhattan check it out federal court lawsuit. The younger Sasson wants a judge to confirm shes not infringing on the magazines trademark, and can continue using her birth name to represent her new venture. The Sasson name is a very well-known name. Its one of these iconic names in the fashion world, and she is very, very popular, lawyer George Gottlieb said. Elle Magazine itself has applauded Elle Sasson by featuring her clothing in its 25 Ways to Ace Tennis Style and 50 Dresses Perfect for Summer slideshows on its web site, according to court papers Elle Sasson filed against the magazine. So she was stunned to get a letter from the mags lawyers claiming the names are confusingly similar and could cause detriment to the reputation of our clients earlier mark Elle and/or may dilute the value of our clients famous trademark, Sasson says in court documents.


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